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Every day is a walk with Jesus. We Christians believe life is spent in the presence of our Lord. Therefore, we can talk about every day as a day during which we walk with Jesus. Some days we feel Jesus’ presence. Some days we feel quite a distance from Jesus. We boldly proclaim that, regardless of how we feel, Jesus is there. Jesus walks with us every day.
As we who are Christ Lutheran Church consider our financial stewardship over the next few weeks, you will be asked to think about your use of money and possessions as a part of your walk with Jesus. This is most appropriate, because when Jesus walked this earth with his disciples, he often talked about money and possessions. If money was a part of Jesus’ first walk on this earth, it should be a part of our walk with Jesus today.
We believe that everything we have is a trust from God, given to us to care for and manage. What we do with our money is very much a part of our relationship with our Lord. This will be our focus in the coming weeks.
For three consecutive Sundays we will read a bulletin insert and hear a talk in worship. For three weeks, we will each receive a letter from the congregation. All of these will focus on our walk with Jesus, and how money plays an important part in this walk.
Then, on Sunday, November 7, each household will have the opportunity to complete an estimate of giving card. On this card, each of us will indicate our plan for giving for the coming year. This will not only be a plan for giving to Christ Lutheran Church, it will also be a plan for how we will walk with Jesus in the coming year.
In Christ,
Pastor John Schraan